Wolfgang Puck 20 Piece Cookware Set Review

Wolfgang Puck Cookware ReviewsThis 20-piece cookware set by Wolfgang Puck speaks of elegance and reliability in the kitchen. Made of heavy duty stainless steel, the 6 pans included in Wolfgang Puck cookware set will definitely serve you well in any dish preparation, whether for frying, sautéing or stewing. All pans have a base about half an inch thick that makes them ideal for fast and even heating, a feature that can significantly save on gas or electricity.  This also enables the cookware to be used even on induction stovetops. All pans come with heat-resistant glass lids that will ensure to lock-in moisture and flavor, while keeping your dishes warm longer.


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Other items included in this set to complement the stainless pans are 2 pinch bowls, a whisk, serving spoon and fork, a slotted spoon, a solid spatula and another slotted one, all made of stainless steel, too.


Wolfgang Puck cookware set Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 15.4 x 12.6 x 25.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 32 pounds
  • Set includes 2 saucepans (1- and 3-quart, with glass lids), 1 8-quart stockpot, 3 wide-based pans (10-, 11- 12-inch, with glass lids), 2 pinch bowls, serving spoon and fork, a slotted spoon, a solid spatula and a slotted spatula
  • All items are of solid stainless steel make, of lifetime durability
  • Pans ideal for gas, electric or induction type stoves
  • Pans have half-inch thick base for energy-saving cooking efficiency
  • Ships for FREE with Super Saving Shipping


Wolfgang Puck Cookware Reviews

Many of those who purchased and used Wolfgang Puck Cookware Set 20-Piece were generally satisfied with the pans’ fast, even, and energy-saving cooking ability due to its stainless steel make. They also have commented that the handles, though made of steel, do not heat up as the pots themselves. There were a few comments on the glass lids that broke during use, but most still recommended this set to their friends!

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  1. patricia marshall says:

    my saute pan has bubbled. Is there a warranty or will it be replaced?

    • Hello Patricia, sorry for the late reply. Did you purchase the item from amazon and what was the date of purchase? You might want to contact the manufacturer directly for service and warranty. If you need assistance in contacting the manufacturer please try the following URL:


      Should you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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